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How do I win?

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, at only £2 an entry and even cheaper for multiple tickets you could win your mortgage or rent fully paid for 3 months.

Don’t dream about being rent or mortgage free. For your chance to become a Lucky B** simply click Enter Now.

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Next draw: 12:00pm 6th October

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What do I win?

Every month our draw has a GUARANTEED WINNER who will have their rent or mortgage paid in full for 3 months.

There will also be ten other Lucky B** runners up who will each win a £100 cash prize with a further ten other lucky people winning 10 free entries each into our next months draw. What are you waiting for?

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About us

We want you to win!

For almost everyone in the North East, rent or mortgage payments are by far the biggest monthly outgoing. Lucky B** is giving everyone the chance to be free from the most hated bill of the month for 3 whole months.

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